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Reflections for Winter / Spring / Summer 2019

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Dear Friends,

Even though in our faith life and culture we might highlight a particular theme at certain times of the year, some themes are so central to who we are that they transcend time and season. Such are the themes of hope, promise, light, and peace. All of sacred Scripture invites us to trust in God’s promise that, in sincerely seeking God, we will be enriched by these gifts. We are truly a people who live in hope, seek the light, and yearn for peace.

Following the tragic events that occurred at the Tree of Life Congregation in late October, our city and indeed the entire nation were stunned by the senseless act that took the lives of eleven women and men who had gathered to pray, wounded so many others, and left an entire community grieving.

Yet in the midst of such great suffering and sorrow, neighbors and friends gathered as one community to pray, to console one another, and to speak words of encouragement and hope. This outpouring of care and concern for those who had been so deeply affected was a powerful testimony to the truth that love will always triumph over hatred and over anything that seeks to divide us and to separate us from one another.

In the aftermath of the tragic events of October 27, religious leaders and others of various faith backgrounds have reaffirmed the importance of our call to come together as one community, united in our desire to be a people guided by hope, a people of light and peace.

As we continue our journey together in faith, let us pray that, inspired by God’s word, and desirous of living a life of compassion and charity, we might be bearers of hope, light, and peace to our neighbors and to all of God’s people.

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Gerald, C.P.
Retreat Director