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We Remember Mr. Henry Caruso

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Over the years our Retreat Center family was blessed by the presence of Henry Caruso and by the exceptional gifts that he shared with all of us. Henry served as our music director and as a member of our retreat team for the past eleven years, contributing many talents and gifts to our weekend retreats and special programs.

Henry had a unique calling that was reflected in his love for music and song. Throughout his life he expressed this gift in his deep faith and love for God. He shared it generously in our retreat setting by inviting all of us to deepen our prayer life through quiet reflection and prayerful song.

For several retreat seasons, Henry composed original hymns that would reflect the theme for that particular year. He also gathered a dedicated group of musicians and singers to form an Ensemble that would meet regularly to practice the music for our Eucharistic liturgies. With Henry’s leadership, the Ensemble enhanced the beauty of our liturgical celebrations each weekend.

When Henry learned about the nature of his illness just after Thanksgiving, he told me that he was placing his life before God in faith and in trust. He wanted to be open in mind and heart to the path that God would place before him. Henry’s faith and courage have been an inspiration to all of us.

During the time of his illness, Henry expressed much gratitude for the many prayers and good wishes, cards and notes that he had received. Over the years we all knew Henry as a man who lived with a grateful heart.

As we continue to remember Henry prayerfully in the days and months ahead, let us thank God for the gift of his life and for all of the ways in which he shared his gifts with all of us. Let us also remember Christine, Henry’s wife, and Lori, his daughter, asking that God‘s comforting presence and peace will be with them.

Fr. Gerald, C.P.